Natural Process is the only true way to acheive the highest quality products because "The plant knows best." Dave's passion and driving force is changing the way we think, bringing us back to the Natural Process that plants were naturally meant to follow.

What do we mean by "knowledge to fortify everything you grow"? We mean exactly that. Knowing what is happening in your soil can catapult your growing process and help you fortify everything you grow. 

We educate people on how to use a natural process growing system. In other words, we teach you how to utilize incredible growing capabilities that have been proven to work in nature for thousands of years.

Dave Royal started Science of Nature education in 2008 to assist people in their growing process. Dave has worked along side walnut growers, teaching them how to utilize the soil which has helped those growers completely eliminate fertilizer from their growing process and not only that, they have had the heaviest crop to date. 

Dave believes that "We have lost faith in the soil. Our first instinct is to add something to the soil to get results from the plant which is not natural. Nobody fertilizes the forest. In fact, if you would like to destroy the forest; fertilize it."