Science of Nature was founded in 2008 as a tool to educate people on the importance of of natural process and a healthy soil-plant relationship.  Dave Royal, founder of Science of Nature, is dedicated to helping us change the way we think. He aims to teach people how beneficial following a Natural Process can be. Inspired by nature's incredible ability to sustain life, Dave has pinpointed the essential steps necessary to inspire a self-sustaining growing process within a human managed crop or garden.

If you really stop to look at how nature works you realize that not only does it sustain itself, it also inspires an eco-system of support. Learn how the natural process works. Learn about the microbiology of a healthy connection between soil and plant. Learn so that you can know how to support your plant in their natural process thus fortifying everything you grow. Dave has created classes to help you with that. Trust your plants. They know what they are doing. 

Dave believes that "We have lost faith in the soil. Our first instinct is to add something to the soil to get results from the plant which is not natural. Nobody fertilizes the forest. In fact, if you would like to destroy the forest; fertilize it."

The biggest reason people feel like they have to add to sustain is due to the incorrect notion that plants deplete the soil. Plants don't deplete the soil. Look at the forest. When there is a healthy relationship between the two, plants do the opposite of deplete the soil.  Learn the inner-wokings of plant and soil biology so you know how to reinforce a natural process. If a forest can do it, why cant you?