I grow gardens every year. I recently moved to California and began to grow a garden at the house I was renting. The ground in California seems to be the most depleted I have ever seen. Even the weeds at the house I was renting seemed to struggle to survive. There was no way I could just plant a garden in this ground without some work so I decided to get knowledge and soil from Earthworm Soil Factory. 

I got the soil and after taking the science of nature class, I decided to test simply placing a layer of Earthworm Soil Factory’s North Cal soil mix on top of the depleted ground. I did not till or mix the soil into the ground (like I did for my garden all other years). I simply placed a layer of healthy soil on top planted and watered. 

The results were amazing. The soil transformed. My plants are green and healthy. in the class, I learned how important a cover crop is so as I was trying to find a plant to use as a cover crop, a natural edible ground cover began to grow by itself. I let it grow and it has limited the weeds, helped with moisture retention, and added to the diversity of my garden. I have allowed some weeds to grow for diversity.

My plants are thriving. 

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Science of Nature fosters knowledge to fortify everything you grow. Dave Royal is offering classes where he teaches in-depth plant biology and soil-plant relationships. Dave Royal has consulted companies from all around the world. Dave has been involved in his family business, Earthworm Soil Factory, for over 18 years and overtime realized how important specific key information was for the success of the soil. in 2008 he started the Science of Nature informational classes and workshops. 

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